SEO in digital marketing

SEO in Digital Marketing :-

 What do you think, what actually “SEO” is….. ????

Let's talk about Digital Marketing first….

We have heard about the term Marketing from many generations

that means to introduce or advertise any product or service to

the current market and it is done by physically visiting or shop by

shop or by newspaper or by any traditional medium.

But nowadays a drastic change has happened in the marketing

domain due to only Digital marketing. That means marketing the

product or service through online mode, with the help of google,

social media platforms and many more channels. For that there

are many companies in the market offering these services and

one of the best is Manyfits digital marketing company.

Now the turn for our main topic, “SEO stands for search engine optimization is the practice of

optimizing that platform for a particular website to be

ranked on search engine’s result page”.

It is a process of getting traffic for free organic traffic.

It is also considered as a quality control process for a website.

Mainly the seo is based on different types of searches like

image search, news search, article search, etc, for better

positioning of the website.

It is better to develop a website with seo friendly strategy

and submit an xml site map of the website for better indexing on google.

Types of SEO :- 

Mainly it has 12 types of seo but we will consider only the most important types only

On - Page SEO :-  The most complicated thing is optimizing the contentof the website for seo on the basis of keywords and key phrases with different types of content

meta tags and titles with links,  this practice is known as the On-Page SEO. It should be

optimized in the way that all the elements should work together for best result.

This is a constant process otherwise all the past practice will be zero. It requires a perfect

page optimization with constant review of your content to make sure to audit your content for


Off - Page SEO :-  Practice of making backlinks, brand building, citation building content marketing, social media, etc. this will increase site’s authority, understand your website
, trust building and relevance.

Technical SEO :-  This covers the technical aspect of a website like maintaining site speed, xml site map, mobile friendly website, internal links, better crawlability, etc.

Search engine optimization is a process originally used for business purpose

and the most trending field in terms of marketing and having good career

opportunity also.


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