Social Media Marketing

 Social Media Marketing:- 

Day by Day we are getting more attracted towards social media and reality is that we are more social in social media channels not in real life. Here we are today discussing some points on Social media marketing (SMM). Social media was commonly used for uploading posts and connecting with people but now not only for social purposes but for business purposes also. 

Commonly in today’s world SMM is used for :- 

  • Brand building

  • Increasing sales

  • Driving traffic to website or blog

  • Marketing purpose

  • Building trust and credibility

For SMM 5 core pillars are mainly need to understand first :- 

  1. Strategy :-  You have to make a clear mindset for your business goals, what you want from your efforts, and how to achieve them with smart work. You have to share proper meaningful content(audio,video,image,etc.) related to your product or service. Now to decide on which platform you will post and from which platform you can achieve your goals faster and select the type of content for posting based on the different types of platforms. Give some time for research on content for what type of content will attract the audience more. Some major platforms are facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin, quora, pinterest, youtube, telegram, etc.

  1. Publishing your content with planning :- This is common that your social media platform will take time to grow and in  future will get more audience. Posting something is very easy just like sharing something but the problem is you have to plan in advance for posting rather than posting very rapidly in a spontaneous manner. 

  1. Proper listening to the audience with engagement :-  With the help of proper strategy and relevant content when channel will grow then it will lead to more and more conversions and increases brand awareness automatically and audience will comment or message. By this you have to work accordingly with proper posting which can gather more audience. Keep conversation because engagement is also a great method of marketing free of cost. 

  1. Analysis and reporting :- As per your convenience you have to check for clicks comments and follows and analyze and get optimized for better seo. Compare your profile with your competitors profile and analyze. Find Out which age group is interested in your content and then make different content for different age groups. 

  1. Advertise :-   Social media is such a powerful place which can make or break anything. It allows us to reach our future ready customers with preplanning and we can strike a great impact on our present customers mind. According to the Age group we have to find their area of interest for showing them relevant content.

Why SMM is important :- 

  • SMM is a great method to market any product or service with our full potential and make a loose name to a BRAND at another level. 

  • It helps to reach your customers not only locally but globally and gives you the chance of engaging more and more people with your brand which increases brand awareness by making announcements for anything or any updates. Day by Day more people are connecting to social media and probably you have more chances of getting more followers to your brand which makes a good amount of leads and conversions.

  • If we talk about running advertisements for any type of business either then the costing is very high and the solution is only SMM, most cost effective or we can say it is a free method. People are doing business through facebook lives and take orders on whatsapp. You can run targeted ads for potential customers instead of wasting millions on billboards and tv-ads.

Conclusion :-

Social media is a very special tool when it comes to the point of marketing. As we have entered a digital world and everything is on its way to be digitaled then our business should also be too. Every day internet users are getting increased, new technologies are coming like Artificial intelligence and the great Metaverse and that is going to be very vast in future. 

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Thank you.


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