SEO Strategies For Best Successful Business and Blogging Websites

 Successful SEO Strategies :- 

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Every business needs an online platform to reach its maximum potential to gain profits either through social media or by launching Business websites and for a website SEO is necessary.  

SEO stands for “Search engine Optimization” and doing SEO of a website is a marketing technique for web - world. We will discuss SEO and its successful strategies.

SEO has 3 phases known as Technical SEO, On - Page SEO and Off - Page SEO. 

Technical SEO Works on the loading time and speed of a web page and makes all checks correct for which crawling for google crawler becomes easy and  indexes your website more effectively and only the reason is to make your website rank higher. Let us discuss some best Practices for Technical seo :- 

  • Creating an XML sitemap and submitting it manually to Google helps Google crawler to understand your site in a better way and it helps crawler to index your site quickly.

  • Removing Duplicate content and mixed content from websites otherwise it will affect your website’s ranking.

  • Removing uncertain links, broken links and broken pages including some technical errors from the website so that the site will be a fresh place for crawlers.

  • Including SSL to your website, it is a safeguard to our valuable credentials which we put on a website in terms of login and signup or bank account credentials.

  • Minimize your website’s loading time and optimize your site for different devices.


On - Page SEO or On - site SEO is helpful in earning organic traffic and improving website rank in SERP through posting relevant and high quality content in website, proper keyword stuffing, etc. this is only called “Optimization”.

  • Optimization of page title and meta description is the most important thing in SEO strategies and this is only called “Organic SEO”. 

  • Publishing High quality and relevant content with proper targeted keyword stuffing in correct places for Optimization and Put Internal links and External links for Link building and driving traffic to website and optimizing page content.

  • Optimize your Images and videos or any other content with proper title tags and meta description for SEO.

  • URL Optimization is also important. To make it SEO friendly you have to make it short with descriptive and should contain your targeted keyword.

Off - Page SEO or Off - site SEO is all about building backlinks and sharing links of web pages with proper description and title to other sites and different platforms which helps in ”SEO Link Building”. Unusual link building and frequent link building is called Black hat SEO. Link building in a regular manner in equal intervals of time and limited sharing is called White hat SEO. For Backlink building strategies we include :- 

  • Do different types of submissions like Blog or Article submission on our website and other websites also.

  • Social media posting on different platforms according to their format like Articles can be posted on Quora, high quality images can be posted on pinterest, etc.

  • Guest posting and forum posting with blog commenting are also great strike

SEO Link building, Google my Business, etc are some of the great techniques for both On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. So let's Play a game with Google and its Crawler.

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